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Say "Hello" to Kelly Jean!! - Sharing the front of the stage with Aaron, Kelly brings a wide range and powerful vocals to Road Crew. Also the newest member of the band, Kelly has the nickname "Cherry Bomb". Any guesses why? 

Meet Aaron! Road Crew's very own heartthrob. Sharing the front of the stage with Kelly, Aaron has a wide vocal range, allowing him to cover a plethora of male vocalists. Aaron is the youngest member of the band.

This is Beau, our lead guitar player. From bluegrass to death metal, he can do it all, and do it well. But, his heart is in country music and it shows at every event Road Crew performs. No nickname for Beau but you have to ask him about his wooden leg.

The man behind the drums, at the back of the stage, we give you, Mike. The pillar of the groove, Mike brings passion to every performance and is one of the easiest guys there is to work with. Fun fact, Mike is very fluent in German. Guten Tag Mike, Guten Tag.

Here's a man that really needs no introduction. But, we're going to anyway. Ladies and Gentlemen, three cheers for Jeff on rhythm guitar. Also known as "B", he's the venerable founder of Road Crew. "Ya can't help but smile when you see Jeff"

Last, but not least. Say "Hello" to Mark. Mark is the foundation of Road Crew, bringing solid bass lines, strong harmonies, and unmatched energy to the stage. "Hey there mister, is that a bullet hole in yer hat?"

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